Do you need to learn Spanish for business purposes?

If you are an Oracle employee, we have courses made just for you.

Customized Intensive Courses:

Private or small group lessons focusing on the student’s needs and the business language.

In-company Spanish Lessons:

For professionals who need to learn Spanish in a personalized way within their company’s facilities.

Spanish Certificate (DELE and SIELE) Lessons:

Get your Spanish level certified officially and improve your CV!

One To One Lessons

25€ / Lesson


Created specifically for your own Spanish requirements


You can study at your speed


No interruptions or distractions from others

Group Lessons

2 Students

15€ per Student / 30€ per Lesson

3 Students

11€ per Student / 33€ per Lesson

4 Students

9€ per Student / 36€ per Lesson

5 Students

8€ per Student / 40€ per Lesson

6 Students

7€ per Student / 42€ per Lesson

7 Students

6,5€ per Student / 45,5€ per Lesson


Textbooks are not included in these fees, however we have discounts available at different bookstores in Málaga for studying with us.


These fees are only applicable for weekdays, therefore lessons on Saturdays and Sundays will have an increase in the price.


An extra fee of 6€/hour will be charged when taking less than 1'5 hours per lesson or lessons during lunch time (12pm to 15pm).

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