Spanish for professionals in Oléolé

At Oléolé School we are aware of the busy lifestyle of professionals; therefore, we offer our Spanish courses in the place and at the time that suits you best. We customize all courses, adapting them to your specific needs and preferences.

We opt for a teaching method focused on communication. All our teachers are University graduates with experience in teaching Spanish to professionals, using the most current and innovative teaching methods. Thus in Oléolé School we take into account the diversity of fields of work, offering a great variety of courses adapted to your needs.


Individual lessons

32€ / lesson

Group lessons

2 students

16€ per student / 32€ per lesson

3 students

12,50€ per student / 37,50€ per lesson

4 students

10€ per student / 40€ per lesson

5 students

9,50€ per student / 47,50€ per lesson

6 students

8€ per student / 48€ per lesson

7 students

7,50€ per student / 52,50€ per lesson

Do you need more specific Spanish lessons?

With OléOlé Spanish School you design your course!




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